One Hand

The Heroic Struggle for Muslim-Christian Unity in the New Egypt


“We aren’t filmmakers by profession–I run a small marketing business and we both clean office buildings for a living. But we have a connection with Egypt because I taught English there one summer, and when we heard the stories of brave Egyptians–Muslims and Christians–taking a bold stand for interfaith solidarity, we were deeply moved. So, we took the leftover gift money from our recent wedding and purchased plane tickets to Egypt. We met with sheikhs and priests, pastors and musicians, Muslims, Copts, and Evangelical Christians, members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafi Nour party, young liberal activists and seasoned intellectuals. We found their stories startlingly different from the way our friends at home, inundated in popular news media, perceive the situation. One Hand is about telling the other side of the story.”

–Johnny Weixler

Johnny and Rebecca Weixler live in south-eastern Pennsylvania. They have applied to continue their studies at a university in the Middle East where they will also pursue fluency in Arabic. Rebecca plans to study Nursing and Midwifery. Johnny hopes to pursue an MA in Middle Eastern Studies and ultimately to contribute to the international conversation on leadership in a globalized world.

Johnny maintains a blog at: