Thanks to the help of many friends, we were able to pull everything together in time to head to the airport on Wednesday. We were even able to modify our mic stand at the last minute with the help of Jeff Okamoto; the stand also features a custom-made mount for our audio recorder welded at the last minute by Michael Hurst. Both fit perfectly, along with our tripod, in a lawn chair bag given to us by Christina Okamoto. :)

We had a 10-hour layover in Amsterdam, which we spent interviewing Dr. Kees Hulsman from the Arab West Report. Dr. Hulsman had a lot of good insight, as well as loads of advice for us. Our good friend Leslie Phillips helped us get from the airport to his house and back—it’s always good to see Leslie!


We spent a lovely evening in the bustling city of Cairo, enjoying fresh Egyptian pizza and mint tea, before catching a train to Alexandria yesterday afternoon.

We had a nice reunion with my friend 3mu Yousef near Stanly Bridge last night, and today we were able to meet with Rev. Radi Atallah, who is part of an interfaith dialogue committee here in Alexandria.

Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, Egypt

We have met many people along the way, and we look forward to telling their stories—Egyptians are such remarkable, welcoming people!